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Free scientific calculator in your PC

Admit or not, Math isn’t a strong suit for most of us. Numbers just leave us baffled, especially when you need to use complicated equations. Luckily enough, there are calculators to help us get the right answers. Luckier still, there are calculator apps available for more complicated uses. Free Calculator is a tool that you can use for any of the standard calculating operations. This app from Academy Info performs basic arithmetic and logarithmic calculations, so it is like having a handheld calculator that you can open on your computer. 

Simple but has lots of issues

Desktop computers nowadays come with built-in calculators. However, this tool can only do simple arithmetic, such as addition and subtraction. When you need to calculate more complex equations, you will have to install a separate app with more advanced tools. Free Calculator does arithmetic calculations and more. With it, you can compute using functions found on scientific calculators, like logarithm. It comes with a simple interface that is similar to physical calculators, so you won’t have a hard time familiarizing yourself with the setup.

However, unlike other similar apps, using it is not that convenient. Whereas other calculator apps let you use your keyboard when calculating equations, this app still needs your mouse. You cannot automatically type in the numbers using your keyboard upon launching. You have to use your mouse and click on the blank field. Then you can use your keyboard to type the numbers and mathematical symbols.

Additionally, you cannot use the Enter key to get the result—like in basic desktop calculators—but you must click the equal sign on the app's window. There are also cases when the app simply disappears from your computer after you close it. To avoid this, you can pin the app on your taskbar. Speaking of installation, the app installs a bunch of extra toolbars on your programs during the download process. Your computer might even flag this app as a virus during installation. 

Look for other options

All in all, Free Calculator works fine as a normal calculator. Despite the rather inconvenient way of using both mouse and keyboard in computing, this app can help you solve basic to complex equations. However, the app exposes you to potential risks when you install it. It includes a bunch of useless tools that aren’t even related to math. If you are looking for a calculating app to use, you can look for better options.


  • Can perform basic arithmetic calculations
  • Includes functions found in scientific calculators


  • Includes a bunch of useless tools during installation
  • Uses both mouse and keyboard during computing
  • Sometimes disappears from your computer after closing
  • May be flagged as malware by your computer during installation

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Free Calculator


Free Calculator 1.0 for PC

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